About Us

To my Future Valued Customer,

It is no longer a question that Aerial Application is a valuable and effective tool to have at your disposal and we are seeing that in our customers satisfaction, and planning. You need a partner you can plan with year after year, that will take care of the annual fungicide, insecticide, and desiccation needs on your farm!

Our Goal is superior communication, highest quality product delivery, and unparalleled timeliness! I want you to have the best bang for your buck that aerial application has to offer! With timing being so important with many applications, when we say we are going to have a job done for you, our goal is same day, next day service. We will do anything we can to provide this to our valued partners, YOU.

I want to deliver to you, what I would expect on my farm if I was hiring the service! Clayton Air Service is delivering crop protection products at higher water volumes, setup with optimal droplet size to get the job done. Clayton has worked as a calibration and spray pattern analyst across Canada, and ensures that CAS’s aircraft are in the optimal setup for the job being completed.

Clayton Air Service uses the most efficient, modern, high capacity aircraft, fitted with the latest GPS, and nozzle technology. We want to ensure that our equipment  has the capacity to keep up with the growing demand, and timeliness that is so important for your farm!

Clayton Air Service goal is to be an ADDED VALUE company. We are not a cost to your farm, we want to be an asset. When we work together, we want to show you where we deliver paybacks, and savings in the long term financial and efficiency goals of your operation. The more we plan ahead together so we know what needs to be done, the more effectively I am able to deliver this service to you.

This business is not just a service business, it is a partnership. These are your aircraft, and I want to know how I can best deliver for your needs!

Give me a call so we can plan together! 306-497-7401.


If you are able to plan ahead with me on your aerial application acres, then I am able to invest, plan ahead to deliver the best, most reliable service to your operation. Timing is so important with some farms doing 2 fungicide applications, insecticide and desiccation. If you see the dollar savings in using an aerial application service like ours and I can count on your work give me a call and lets make a plan!! When I know what your planning, I can make sure I ALWAYS have the equipment available. We commit 100% to those farm operators that want to partner with us. Those who partner with us can consider these THEIR AIRPLANES.