About Us

To my Future Valued Customer,

Well, just thought that I would drop you a line and give you a little more information about myself and my company. I want you to have confidence in the job you are getting when you decide to spray by air at Clayton Air Service.

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the largest aerial spraying companies in Canada and Australia. This has allowed me to be a part of some of the best level of service that aerial application has to offer. To paint you a picture, at the business that I spent the last four years working with, I cannot recall a time when a work order was on the table longer than 36 hours, and was usually done within 24hours!

My goal is to build a business that offers THAT level of service, and I’m working hard to make that a reality for you right here in Leask, Hague, and Hafford.

Other significant qualities that Clayton Air is bringing to the table is 3 gallon/acre water rates! I can’t control what the competition does or does not do, but your fungicide will go on at 3 gallons an acre water rate, or as requested, which is what industry standard calls for! These water rates do not come at a premium price as compared to applicators who may be putting on less. We will be consistent with our competitive pricing even with higher water rates!

We will be offering a rebate program, those who spray, will have less to pay! To translate, the more acres you spray on your farm, the less you will pay per acre.

Modern equipment for modern farms. You don’t run technology from the 80’s, so I won’t either. Hey,there was a lot of good technology from the 80’s, but I want to ensure that you will be receiving the best service, the best delivery method of product to your crops so we will be running a New Air Tractor 502 fitted with the latest in aerial application nozzle and GPS technology!

I want to make as much information available to you as possible. Let me know if you need anything, and we can make a plan!


Clayton Rempel